Pro Basketball Tryouts

Do You Have What It Takes?

Pro Basketball Tryouts For Overseas Basketball Opportunities and Semi-Pro Leagues

  • When: July 17 & 18, 2024, Las Vegas
  • Where: Bill & Lillie Heinrich YMCA at 4141 Meadows Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89107
  • Overseas basketball scouts, coaches, agents, and personnel from all over the world.
  • Numerous players have gotten contracts through this basketball showcase!
  • Just minutes away from the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas.
  • Our basketball tryout is run by certified FIBA/NBA agents.
  • Professional staff
  • Statistics crew
  • NCAA statisticians

More Players Get Contracts Through
our Pro Basketball Tryouts than Any Other Camp

The only basketball combine that has had players in the draft, NBA, EuroLeague, the Olympic Games, and World Championships.

This is the longest-running basketball exposure camp in the world for ONE reason only—players who come to this basketball combine get results.

Minutes Away From The NBA Summer League

The NBA Summer League attracts coaches, scouts, and agents from all corners of the globe. No other event in the world attracts the same number of decision-makers.

We run our pro basketball tryouts in close proximity to the NBA Summer League so that the “people that matter” can come and watch YOU play. If you have what it takes, you won’t find a better opportunity than this.

Run By Licensed Industry Insiders

Overseas Basketball TryoutsOur overseas basketball tryouts are run by a global basketball agency. We have a deep network of international connections, and we leverage our network to promote the camp with the people who hire players.

And we don’t stop there.

We point you out (and maybe even introduce you) to these decision-makers. We promote your strengths and share your measurements. And if you’re not signed on the spot, we even follow up with interested teams!

Others Give You The Basics. We Give You The Upgrade.

Qualified personnel…..competent camp coaches… networking opportunities… a full video crew… camp insurance… agents, scouts, and club executives… AND a success rate that has withstood the test of time! These are just a few of the benefits our Semi-Pro Basketball Tryouts offer its players.

You’ll be accommodated by qualified, experienced, and PAID staff. We don’t use volunteers, parent coaches, or unqualified referees.

Your performance will be closely monitored and recorded by trained NCAA statisticians to give you an accurate and up-to-date measure of your performance.

Your game will be called by qualified Referees, giving your play an industry standard that professional teams require.

You’ll be videotaped by an industry leader in sports video footage and have the opportunity to obtain personal highlights of your play for your own reel. If you don’t have any recent footage of your game, this alone is a reason to attend.

While in town, you can even snatch a few moments of fun on the famed Las Vegas Strip, America’s premier entertainment destination.

Eight camp teams only

We impose a firm limit of eight teams in our overseas basketball tryouts. This is to ensure that all players get enough opportunities to shine. There are no exceptions.

The roster spots are always reserved long before the camp starts. The sooner you reserve a spot and pay the camp fee, the sooner we can send your resume to teams and start promoting you. To claim your spot before it’s taken, click the “reserve my spot” button now!Pro Basketball Tryouts


Kevin Gaines (player)

"I had a regular 9 to 5 job and at age 31, plus a nine year gap in my resume (Houston’02), I had given up all hope of ever playing professionally. But Court Side’s overseas basketball tryouts completely changed my life. I played well and got noticed. It resulted in the signing of my first professional contract with a team from Australia. My dream had come true"

Guillermo Vecchio (coach from Argentina)

"This is the best pro basketball tryouts I have been to. Well organized, professional, good level and run by Court Side, the world’s biggest basketball agency. The first time I attended, I signed both my import players from the camp."

William McCandless J.R (NBA/FIBA agent)

"The location and timing of this camp is perfect because during the NBA Summer League it seems like the whole world is coming together in Las Vegas. Some of my players have participated in Court Side’s camp. For me, this basketball combine also offers a perfect opportunity for some global networking. "