Harness the Power of Representation

Over the years, the primary focus of agent management has changed from passive legal advice to active global marketing. The use of standard contracts diminished the demand for agents who operate as legal advisors alone. At the same time, player demand for specialized basketball agents who know the global market has dramatically increased.

Just as a basketball team needs centers, forwards, and guards to win games, Court Side believes a management team needs its specialists too.

Our approach uses agents, financial advisors, and attorneys on both sides of the Atlantic who are familiar with both NBA and international regulations. As a group, these individuals collectively negotiate the best deals for our players.

Court Side’s philosophy of using specialists is particularly important in the international basketball market, where the existence of so many countries with different laws and customs becomes a complicated challenge. Our representatives serve as mentors to our players; their ability to speak the native language, understand local customs and culture, and use local legal counsel gives our players a tremendous advantage.

Your agent is your business partner, advisor, and confidant. Our agents give our players the professional guidance and personal attention that create a rock-solid foundation for the future. Therefore, signing a representation agreement with Court Side

shouldn't be an intimidating step for a player. On the contrary, we think a player should feel positive and confident about what this step can do for his career.

Although representation agreements may seem extraneous, they are obligatory since neither the NBA nor FIBA allow agents to promote players who they do not represent. And the definition of "representing" according to the NBA and FIBA is a signed representation agreement.