Court Side brings its players a world of opportunities and advantages. In addition to Career Planning, Job Placement, and Contract Negotiations, Court Side is capable of providing the following services:

Legal Services

Court Side has a team of attorneys to counsel its players on everything from contractual issues to tax matters in both the U.S. and internationally. We can also help with the process of FIBA arbitration which is extremely important in regards to all contractual matters outside of the NBA. No other agency has the same level of experience as Court Side does in arbitration cases. No one matches our undefeated track record.

Public Relations

Part of an agent’s global promotion of a player is to constantly generate exposure and media interest for his client. Court Side has a solid network of contacts within the media and we always have the latest world basketball news. Also, we often organize interviews for our clients and encourage journalists to write articles about them. Upon request, we can help provide media training and assist with setting up a professional social media profile.

Personal Assistance

If needed, Court Side can help with finding personal trainers, skill developers, nutritionists, and other experts who will help keep our clients in shape and improve their game. When a player signs with a team all kinds of things need to be arranged; visa applications, work permits, language courses, finding an apartment, enrolling any children in an international school, etc. Often this is done in cooperation with the team. Our local area managers can help you navigate through your new city and assist you with anything that may be necessary.


Whenever possible, Court Side tries to offer its players marketing opportunities. However, keep in mind that major endorsement opportunities are generally reserved for superstars.


Court Side advises some of its players to explore additional insurance options. Such an approach will ensure a player’s continuous insurance coverage and guards against coverage gaps that may occur.

Financial Planning

Planning for your financial future is an important component of your career. From basic accounting help to more comprehensive investment advice, our experts will assist you in navigating the financial process. Court Side can also offer expert tax advice with respect to a player’s global earnings. Sound tax advice is particularly important when a player moves between various countries during his basketball career. Issues of residency and taxable earnings can become complicated and can have a dramatic impact on a player’s financial situation. Our diverse team makes it possible to look at tax ramifications from a truly international perspective.


Please note that it is against Court Side’s company policy to lend money to players. A loan may be interpreted as a bribe and/or a violation of some paragraphs in the regulations governing Player Agents. However, Court Side can attempt to assist players in securing bank loans.

In short, our team of agents sets the standard for basketball management. No one can deliver our combination of professional expertise, notoriety, and impeccable track record on a global scale. To us, Basketball is a global phenomenon. This philosophy is the cornerstone of our sports marketing strategy. For as long as you keep playing, we’ll bring you the world.