Basketball Career Planning

Basketball Career PlanningYou have strived to be the best your whole life and now comes the payoff. Don’t leave this crucial stage in your life to chance, and don’t do it alone. Court Side stands ready to make the leap with you! Let’s do your basketball career planning together.

A good agent helps his client make the right choices instead of imposing those choices. We’ll plan your future with you, not for you. Contrary to popular belief, successful players rarely automatically choose the highest financial offer, nor do their agents advise them to do so. They tend to look at the total package. How good is the coaching staff of the team? How reliable and professional is their management? Will the team invest in developing the individual skills of the player? What will the player’s role on the team be? Does the team play in any kind of international cup competition (meaning extra exposure)? Does the style of play of the team fit with the style of the player? How will any cultural and linguistic differences impact on potential future earnings? A player does not know all the answers to these questions, nor does he have the time to find out. But Court Side does.

We have all the tools you need to build your future – experienced agents, savvy financial planners, aggressive marketers, skillful attorneys, and trusted confidants. Many top players have trusted us to do their basketball career planning. At the end of the day, we know that basketball is not just a game to you – it’s your livelihood.