Get Leverage With Our Team

leverage_bannerExcept for the NBA, professional basketball is a buyer’s market, and there are many more players than the teams can employ. In this climate, the teams dictate the prices, and powerful basketball agents dictate the results. Court Side represents more players globally than any other firm, and our market dominance is apparent in the numbers alone.

At Court Side, we take a global approach to marketing our players. Your best leverage comes from exploring all your options. You are only as valuable as your best offer. That’s why our approach brings value even to those whose sights are set solely on the NBA. With international offers in hand, players are often more successful in their negotiations with the NBA. A standing offer, even in another league, truly does enhance a player’s marketability.

Our own “dream team” of agents allows us to reach far beyond one country. This network strengthens the core mission of Court Side – to search out and provide as many opportunities as possible to each of our players. Our global approach assures that your career will always be promoted on a global scale!

In keeping with our philosophy of seeking the very best match between players and teams, Court Side knows that money isn’t everything. And while money is a vital component of any deal, more than the salary needs to be evaluated. Players need to know that with a high paycheck comes a higher degree of pressure and a greater risk of getting cut.

We seek situations that provide optimum development for our players. Sometimes exposure may be the key. Sometimes patience is the key. While a player’s skill level is the most significant factor that determines his salary, timing and experience are two other critical factors. The fact of the matter is that a player’s market value declines the longer he waits to secure an agent and market himself on a global scale. We feel players are at a distinct disadvantage if they enter the market too late, mainly when there is a surplus of players and few basketball job openings. In sports, as in life, timing is everything.