Liga ACB, Road to the Playoffs: Who Makes the Cut?

Liga ACB

Only one last round remains to be played in the Spanish Liga ACB 2018-19 regular season. The final game of Round 33 was played out last night and second-ranked Kirolbet Baskonia Vitoria secured an 87-81 win over Divina Seguros Joventut Badalona. It was one of the more critical games of this round as the loss all but slams the door shut for Joventut to slide into the playoff picture.

Round 34 will be played out on May 26th and it will be an important day for many teams. Breogan and Gipuzkoa will be playing for their lives, at least in this league, as they seek to avoid relegation.

At the other end of the standings, well close to the end at least. the race for the playoffs has four or so teams scampering to either hold on or squeeze into the top-8 spots as the season winds to a close.

The top-4 spots are securely held by Real Madrid, Baskonia, FC Barcelona Lassa and Valencia. Unicaja Malaga and Iberostar Tenerife CB Canarias round out the fifth and sixth places of the Liga ACB standings.

Manresa and Morabanc Andorra currently occupy the seventh and eighth spots, respectively. With 17-16 and 17-17 records, their seats in the postseason do not have their tickets punched just yet. There’s still an outside chance for Tecnyconta Zaragoza (16-16) to miracuously find their way in.

Do or die, go big or go home, call it what you want but many teams in the Liga ACB will be leaving it all on the line in Round 34. Who will we see make the playoffs? Which teams will return for next season? Definitely must-watch basketball for fans of Spanish hoops.

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  1. George   May 25, 2019 at 19:07

    What a horrible article!!! What are you smoking man?! “There’s still an outside chance for Tecnyconta Zaragoza (16-16) to miracuously find their way in.” First of all, they are 17-16, secondly, they are playing at home against Manresa, in the last round. With a win, they are advancing to playoffs. Even with a L they can still advance!!!! This article is an absolute joke, just embarrassing!!!!!


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