KR Beats Grindavik 105-81, wins Icelandic Supercup

Icelandic Supercup

KR Reyjavik prevailed over U.M.F. Grindavik 105-81 to capture the Icelandic Supercup in convincing fashion. The 2014 Dominos league defending champions looked good as they displayed some of regular season form during the game. KR is off to a good start and will look to repeat their success in the league this coming 2014-15, and they did well from themselves as they took the Supercup from the 2013 Supercup winners.

Both teams showed that they meant business from the opening whistle and were ready to get the action going as early as the first quarter. Baskets were exchanged on both ends of the floor, but it was KR that found themselves ahead 25-20 by the end of the first period. KR shot well from the outside for majority of the game and extended their lead further at the end of the second frame with a 27-point explosion. Their offense managed to steer them ahead of Grindavik 52-41 by halftime.

Action resumed with KR maintaining control of the game and saw them punishing Grindavik every time they did not take care of the ball and making them pay for their unforced turnovers. Grindavik’s Olafur Olafsson was a virtual one-man show for his team as he put up an insane 31-point, 11-rebound performance to pace his team. However, his efforts were in vain as KR’s solid game could no be overcome by just one spectacular stat line. As he and teammate Oddur Runar Kristjansson, who ended the game with 18 points and nine boards, took the game in the interior; KR was able to make their offense work from the outside. Michael Craion led KR Reyjavik with 27 points and was also responsible for some of those key runs that kept his team away from striking distance. Pavel Ermolinskij and Brynjar Bjornsson added 15 and 12 points respectively for KR.

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