Iceland Dominos League tips off

Iceland Dominos League

Four games opened the 2014/15 regular season for the Iceland Dominos League. Eight teams took to the hardwood court and set the tone for an exciting season to come. The 2013/14 defending champions KR Reykjavik embarked on their campaign for a repeat performance. They opened up 2014/15 with a 92-78 win over UMFN Njardvik. They scored consistently and remained ahead of their opponents throughout the first three quarters of the game. Njardvik outscored them in the fourth period, but it was too little too late to overcome their comfortable lead. KR was led by Michael Craion’s impressive double-double performance of 29 points and 18 rebounds.

SC Keflavik employed a rally in the final period to emerge victorious 70-65 over Skallagrimur Borganes. Both clubs kept the game close for majority of the affair and were matched up quite well. It was a good game for Keflavik as they managed to overcome Tracey Smith’s 28 points and 16 rebounds.

U.M.F. Tindastoll prevailed with a come-from-behind 85-80 win over Stjarnan. Stjarnan looked like they were in control of the contest from the early plays. They amassed a 46-30 lead by the halftime break. Dagur Jonsson and Jarrid Frye led their offensive attack. Tindastoll came out of the break like a renewed team and slowly chipped away at Stjarnan’s lead in the third period and with a big run, they completely swung the momentum their way and were able to carryover their momentum into the final frame. Tindastoll put Stjarnan on the defensive and locked them down on their end of the court. It was a good motivational win for Tindastoll to start the season.

Ungmennafelagio Snaefell came away with an easy 84-65 win over Fjolnir Reykjavik. Snaefell got off to a hot start and shot to a 21-15 first quarter lead. Solid third and fourth periods kept Fjolnir at bay, rendering them unable to climb out of their deficit. Austin Bracey led three other players in double figures with 18 points and four assists. He had a poor shooting game, but kept his confidence intact and fired away until the buckets began falling.

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