EuroBasket 2013: 6 Spots, 10 Teams, Tip Time!

EuroBasket 2013The EuroBasket 2013 Qualification round is about to be committed to the history books, but before they start planning for the Final Round, there’s a game or two left to be played. Today marks the final day of competition to determine which 16 teams will earn the right to compete for their respective countries in next years EuroBasket in Slovenia. Fortunately, today’s contests are far from formalities and there are still six open spots and 10 teams looking to grab them (technically nine teams shooting for five spots as Israel basically has to show up and finish their game to qualify…).
Along with qualifying, there are three teams that would like to finish the competition with perfect records to equal the feat the Italians accomplished Saturday when they defeated Belarus to leave the Qualifiers at 8-0. Germany hosts Azerbaijan, Croatia welcomes Austria to Crikvenica and the surprise of the event, the squad from Montenego, who have already won more games than any other team already since they are in Group A with five others.They’ve won their first nine and host the Slovak Republic tonight to go for number 10.
The key match-ups are Serbia-Israel in Group A and Turkey – Czech Republic in Group F. Turkey and Serbia have their destinies in their own hands as a win by either puts them into the Finals, losses means waiting to see how the rest of the games finish. In Group B, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Sweden all have shots at moving on, but Bulgaria is watching from the sidelines having concluded their competition on Sunday. In Group C, Austria can get an opportunity to vie for a 3rd place spot, but standing in their way is a fiesty squad from Croatia that would like nothing more than to become one of the undefeated teams in the qualifiers.
Below are the current standings by group, along with today’s matchups, qualifying scenarious and a list of all the teams and their Points For/Points Against so it’s easy to see where everyone in the hunt matches up with everyone else.


XSlovak Republic9186568060.81410

Status: Q: Qualified; CQ: Could Qualify; X: Not Qualified

Sept. 11 – Games
Iceland at Estonia (Estonia 86-67)
Israel at Serbia (Israel 89-76)
Slovak Republic at Montenegro (Montenegro 94-81)
Qualifying Scenarios:
Israel beats Serbia – Estonia wins: Israel 2nd, Estonia 3rd with a 6-4 record they will qualify, Serbia 4th.
Israel beats Serbia – Estonia loses: Israel 2nd, Serbia 3rd with 5-5 record with a very solid F/A (currently at 763/654), Estonia 4th.
Serbia beats Israel by 14 or more – Estonia loses: Serbia 2nd, Israel 3rd with 6-4 record and will qualify, Estonia 4th.
Serbia beats Israel by less than 13 – Estonia wins: Israel 2nd, Serbia 3rd with 6-4 record and will qualify, Estonia 4th.
Serbia beats Israel by 14 or more – Estonia wins: Serbia 2nd, Israel 3rd with 6-4 record and will qualify, Estonia 4th.
Serbia beats Israel by less than 13 – Estonia loses: Israel 2nd, Serbia with 6-4 record and will qualify, Estonia 4th.



Sept. 11 – Games
Azerbaijan at Germany (Germany 85-68)
Sweden at Luxembourg (Sweden 111-74)
Qualifying Scenarios:
Azerbaijan wins – Sweden wins: Azerbaijan 2nd, Sweden 3rd at 4-4 with F/A of (593/556), Bulgaria 4th.
Azerbaijan wins – Sweden loses: Azerbaijan 2nd, Bulgaria 3rd at 4-4 with F/A of (669/647), Sweden 4th.
Azerbaijan loses – Sweden wins: Sweden 2nd, Bulgaria 3rd, Azerbaijan 4th.
Azerbaijan loses – Sweden loses: Bulgaria 2nd, Azerbaijan 3rd, Sweden 4th.



Sept. 11 – Games
Austria at Croatia (Croatia 82-75)
Hungary at Cyprus (Hungary 77-64)
Qualifying Scenarios:
If Austria beats Croatia they have a slim shot at qualifying, the bigger the margin they win by, the better their chances get. If they lose they are out.


QBosnia and Herz.8627366721.09514

Sept. 11 – Games
Netherlands at Georgia (Netherlands 91-88)
Latvia at Romania (Latvia 89-53)
Qualifying Scenarios:
If Latvia wins, they’ll qualify at 5-3 with a high F/A (Currently at 570/507). If they lose they’ll drop to 4-4, but will most likely have a much higher F/A than any other 4-4 team. Georgia beat Latvia twice, so if they lose and Latvia wins, Georgia will remain in second. If Georgia wins they lose the tie-breaker to Bosnia and Herzegovina by three, so BIH remains in first in Group D.



Sept. 11 – Games
Switzerland at Finland (Finland 89-60)
Belgium at Albania (Belgium 97-59)
Qualification Scenarios:
If Belgium beats Albania they will increase their record to 5-3. A 5-3 record will most likely get them through, but they need a solid margin of victory to assure themselves of qualifying. If they lose they’ll drop to 4-4 with an F/A that could get them through if there aren’t a lot of 5-3 or a 6-4 team involved. Finland beats Albania in a tie-break, so if they lose they can’t finish lower than second. They also lose the tie-breaker to Poland, so a win by Finland will not improve their position.


QCzech Republic7525074701.07912

Sept. 11 – Games
Czech Republic at Turkey (Czech Republic 82-64)
Portugal at Belarus (Belarus 82-75)
Qualification Scenarios:
Czech Republic beats Turkey: Czech Republic gets second and qualifies, Turkey’s record drops to 4-4 with an F/A currently of 536/510, which will be in the hunt, but not very solid.
Turkey beats Czech Republic by less than 18 points: Czech Republic finished 2nd, Turkey finished 3rd with a 4-4 record and will wait to see how everyone else did.
Turkey beats Czech Republic by more than 18 points: Turkey finishes 2nd, Czech Republic finishes 4rd with 5-3 record and qualifies.

Potential 3rd place 5-3 finishers and their current F/A:
Latvia – 570/507 – 1.124
Czech Republic – 507/470 – 1.079
Belgium – 536/499 – 1.074
Turkey – 536/510 – 1.051
Potential 3rd place 4-4 (or 5-5) finishers and their current F/A:
Serbia – 763/654 – 1.167
Latvia – 570/507 – 1.124
Belgium – 536/499 – 1.074
Sweden – 593/556 – 1.067
Turkey – 536/510 – 1.051
Bulgaria – 669/647 – 1.034
Austria – 527/511 – 1.031
Azerbaijan – 590/579 – 1.019
Estonia – 688/703 – 0.979
Switzerland – 493/586 – 0.841

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  1. SRN   September 11, 2012 at 10:43

    Gonna be exiting!

  2. frank the tank   September 11, 2012 at 09:56

    serbia and Turkey will be there for sure


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