Dimeo Van der Horst
not available


16/17Apollo Amsterdam ApolloNetherlands: Eredivisie NED 1303415.
15/16Apollo Amsterdam ApolloNetherlands: Eredivisie NED 1293412.
14/15Apollo Amsterdam ApolloNetherlands: Eredivisie NED 1293512.
13/14Matrixx Magixx Wijchen NijmegenNetherlands: Eredivisie NED 138276.
12/13GasTerra Flames Groningen GroningenNetherlands: Eredivisie NED 137164.
11/12Magixx KidsRights Nijmegen NijmegenNetherlands: Eredivisie NED 124224.
10/11EclipseJet MyGuide AmsterdamNetherlands: Eredivisie NED 1383410.
09/10MyGuide Amsterdam Amsterdam- international -: FIBA EuroChallenge FECH6154.
09/10 EclipseJet MyGuide AmsterdamNetherlands: Eredivisie NED 137152.
08/09 EclipseJet MyGuide AmsterdamNetherlands: Eredivisie NED 1333.

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