Turkey remains unbeaten in U20 European Championships

Turkey remains the only undefeated team in the U20 European Championships for Women, being played in Debrecen, Hungary. The 12 teams will play their last qualification match on 22 August and will start the Quarterfinals on the 24th.

Results from Aug. 21
Group E
Netherlands – Lithuania 66-54
The Netherlands knocked Lithuania out of the U20 European Championships for Women with a healthy 66-54 win. The two teams traded the lead and baskets throughout the game, but the Dutch earned the victory with a 14-3 run at the end of the fourth quarter.
Netherlands: Sharon Lammerink 17; Marlou de Kleijn 16; Zera Butter 12.
Lithuana: Santa Okockyte 19; Leva Preskienyte 11; Kornelija Valiuskyte 10.

Belarus – Poland 60-54
Belarus picked up 38 points off the bench including an impressive three-point shooting performance from Ksenija Voishal, who converted four triples to finish the contest with 18. Belarus sealed the win with a 20-10 last quarter.
Poland: Magdalena Zietara 14; Paulina Kuras 10; Martyna Stelmach 10.
Belarus: Ksenija Voishal 18; Maryia Papova 15; Maryia Filonchyk 10.

Spain – Sweden 61-63
Sweden handed Spain their first loss of the tournament with a come-from-behind performance and a last-second shot. Sweden trailed by as much as 16-points in the contest, but fought back and locked the score up in the fourth quarter. With 28 seconds remaining and the score tie at 61, Spain worked the clock for a last shot, but a traveling call gave the ball back to Sweden with five seconds left. Farhiya Abdi got the in bounds pass, found her opening and dropped in a jumper with two clicks on the clock to give Sweden the win.
Sweden: Farhiya Abdi 21; Binta Drammeh 17.
Spain: Andrea Vilaro 17; Queralt Casas 10.

Group F
Turkey – Slovak Republic 56-43
Turkey picked up their fifth straight win in the U20 European Championships for Women with a 56-43 win over the Slovak Republic. The big difference on the stat sheet was Turkey shooting 17/25 (68.0%) to the Slovak Republic’s 6/9 (66.7%), an 11-point advantage for the Turks.
Turkey: Olcay Cakir 12; Ayse Cora 11; Emel Guler 10; Gizem Basaran 10.
Slovak Republic: Angelika Oravcova 8; Zofia Hruscakova 8.

Serbia – France 44-68
France kept their quarterfinals hopes alive with a 68-44 win over Serbia. Both teams were coming off a fourth-quarter loss in their previous games, but France was the team the jumped out early with an 18-10 first quarter advantage. They had similar margins in the second and fourth quarters, while Serbia took a one-point advantage in the third.
France: Christelle Diallo 15; Margaux Galliou 10.
Serbia: Javana Jaksic 9; Natasa Kovacevic 7.

Ukraine – Russia 68-62
Ukraine fought off a late run by the Russians to keep their sites on a quarterfinals spot. The Ukraine squad had as much as a 12-point lead in the fourth quarter, only to be cut down to four by the Russians. Alina Iagupova had an impressive game, finishing with 24 points and 15 rebounds.
Ukraine: Alina Iagupova 24; Lyudmyla Naumenko 11.
Russia: Galina Kiseleva 18; Ekaterina Fedorenkova 14.

Schedule for Aug. 22
Group E
Sweden – Lithuania
Poland – Spain
Belarus – Netherlands
Group F
Ukraine – Serbia
Slovak Republic – France
Russia – Turkey

Group E Standings
 Team P W/L F/A Pts
 1.  Spain 4 3/1 297/198 7
 2.  Sweden 4 3/1 247/234 7
 3.  Poland 4 2/2 241/232 6
 4.  Netherlands 4 2/2 227/256 6
 5.  Belarus 4 2/2 236/269 6
 6.  Lithuania 4 0/4 225/284 4


Group F Standings
Team P W/L F/A Pts
1. Turkey 4 4/0 259/205 8
2. Russia 4 2/2 249/248 6
3. Slovak Republica 4 2/2 246/248 6
4. Ukraine 4 2/2 267/286 6
5. France 4 1/3 249/242 5
6. Serbia 4 1/3 214/255 5

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