ABA adds expansion team Electric City Lions

The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that it has added its fourth South Carolina team for the upcoming season which begin in November to be located in Anderson, SC.

The team, the Electric City Lions, is owned by the husband and wife team of Azure and Marquis Agnew.  “This is a great addition to the ABA,” stated Joe Newman, ABA CEO, “and these are two fine people with excellent experience.  South Carolina is certainly well represented in the ABA now with teams in Myrtle Beach, Columbia, Greenville and now Anderson.  Good competition, easy travel.”

Azure Agnew is a graduate from Clemson University with a BA in Speech and Communication Studies and was a former high school teach.  She currently works with kids who have dropped out of high school and helps them earn their high school diplomas and  college credits at the same time.

Marqujis Agnew, like Azure, is originally from Anderson SC and played point guard alongside Jermaine O’Neal (Phoenix Suns) under Coach George Glymph (formerly Asst Coach of NY Knicks).  He has coach AAU, YBOA, USAJBA, USBA basketball in Anderson and Atlanta for many years.

“We are the parents of 6 children; our lives are centered around God, our family and basketball,” stated

Mrs. Agnew. “We chose to pursue this adventure in an effort to shore our love for basketball with the community.  Our games will focus on providing quality family friendly entertainment to an area that otherwise has limited entertainment options.”

”We are especially excited about the opportunity to create a fun, family friendly option for Anderson and the surrounding areas while helping players get the exposure  they need to make it to the next level,” added

Marquis. ”We will partner with a different charity or cause each game in an effort to show appreciation for support beginning with “Flip Flops for Haiti:” (a partnership with Welfare Baptist Church to send 1000 pairs of flip flops to their partner orphanage in Haiti in November).

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2 Responses to ABA adds expansion team Electric City Lions

  1. Frank thE tank Reply

    August 21, 2012 at 14:40

    This league has to be more ompetative if USA players want to develop. And needs better marketing

  2. Jayman Reply

    August 20, 2012 at 20:52

    I love that clubname…

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