A new contender in the Chilean National Basketball League

The Chilean National Basketball League, founded in 2008, has three divisions with a total of 51 teams and it is still growing.

In fact, it will be adding a new team to the fray this season. Deportivo Español (Spanish Sport Club, usually referred to as “Español”) from the city of Talca in central Chile will begin playing in that National League the coming 29th of September.

The club’s president stated: “We looked at the proposal of joining the National League and it seemed to be a very viable option.” He also added that a large factor in the decision was economical as the Chilean Olympics’ Committee supports the National League financially.

It looks like the team has a bright future. They have been very successful in the past, participating in the Americas League and other international tournaments. The Club President explained that “they will have to work very hard… and that they have a professional and experienced staff working for the club.”

Commentary on the team roster was not made but citizens of Talca are looking forward to seeing their team compete in the National League.

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One Response to A new contender in the Chilean National Basketball League

  1. Paul Reply

    August 23, 2012 at 20:12

    Happy to hear that basketball is growing somewhere!!!

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